Ekurhuleni School Project

Universal Office Automative Solutions have partnered with Canon, Parrot and Maxtec. We want to thank our current school client base for their continued support and loyalty throughout the 2020 year.

Universal Office Automative Solutions hosted the school top students awards, where all the invited schools brought their top grade, twelve pupils. We felt it necessary to congratulate and reward them for their hard work throughout the lockdown.

We had the following gifts: Parrot earphones, A solar-powered backpack and a calculator from Canon, and Maxtec gave them a gift voucher of R500.00 per student.

Universal Office Automative Solutions hosted the even on the 18th of March, 25th of March and our last event will be the 31st of March 2021. The event was a lunch and inspirational speeches was given to the students we also demonstrated a few new products that we are offering to the schools.

While discussing what the schools need it was noted that the one student had gone on to study at University of Pretoria but could not afford a laptop to do her projects Universal Office Automative Solutions then gifted the girl a Laptop so she could succeed in her future studies.