Solar Products

We also supply the following Solar Systems:

Grid tied Solar PV System

Grid-tied Solar PV System

A grid-tied system is a solar PV system that is connected to the existing electrical infrastructure of a facility in parallel to the local electricity grid supply. Therefore, there are two options of electricity supply to the load. One is the solar PV system; the other is the local grid electricity provider.

Solar Backup System

Backup System

A backup system is a renewable energy system that can function on its own during no-grid supply scenarios. When the grid supply goes down, it disconnects itself from the grid and creates its own micro-grid that has two supplementals supplies, typically being a battery bank and the solar PV system.

Off Grid System

Off-grid System

Off-grid systems are independent of the electricity grid. Without a grid connection, the system works in isolation as a form of micro-grid. This process entails solar PV modules harnessing solar energy to power loads, and charge batteries. Batteries are used to store energy for periods when the solar PV modules are not producing the required amount of energy for the loads. An example of this can be periods of prolonged cloud cover that result in low energy yield, or during nighttime periods after the sun has set.

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