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Service Request

Our service centre/Call logging system

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Steps to follow

to log a call on our website

Step 1

First time users

Please contact the Service Department to obtain your login details or to register.

Step 2

Already a registered client?

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Step 3

Forgotten your Username or Password?

Contact the Service Department who will assist with your information.

Call logging processes

  1. Problem with the machine (Example: Machine is making noises, paper jam error code: JAM001 or for toner booking: Please deliver black, yellow, magenta or cyan toner)
  2. Select the problematic/faulty machine in the drop-down (Please use the correct machine and serial number)
  3. Please specify the address if the toner/service should occur at a different location specified in the installation.
  4. Contact person on site
  5. Please also note first spare set of toners per machine would be chargeable for your account.
  1. Should you experience any problems with your telephone system, you can log a call.
  2. Specify the problem on your call with as much detail as possible.
  3. Please note that unless you have a service agreement for your telephone system, you will be charged a call-out fee.

An automated email reminder will be sent out each month requesting meter readings; you can follow the below instructions to ensure we receive status pages.

On the machine, take the following steps to print a status page:

  1. Press the system menu/counter button
  2. Scroll down to Reports
  3. Select Print report
  4. Select the Status page
  5. The machine will ask you if you want to print the status page, and you can select: Yes
  6. Once you have the status page, you can send the meter reading to

online support/service call logging system

We launched our online support/service call logging system via our website in 2008. During 2012 a decision was made to change our call logging system to provide even better customer service to our clients.

The changes included the upgrading of our back office program into a web based system. This important upgrade ensured that our support/service call logging system could be fully integrated with the back office information of our clients. With our upgraded web based system our clients have the benefit of having all their equipment and account information linked to a support call without the need for the client to type in any Company/Account information before being able to log a support call. Furthermore our clients can now also view their statements.

Universal office service Awards
Any updates or account changes can also be seen immediately as the system updates occurs in real time. All support call updates or feedback can also be viewed by the client when logging onto our web based support call logging system. 
Each user receives a unique username and password to ensure optimum security. All our clients can only access their own support calls and their own statements.

All our technicians are equipped with Smartphones which means that they receive the support/service calls immediately, via e-mail on their Cellphones. This ensures that our Technicians no longer need to collect written job cards from our offices before attending to support calls. All our Copier/Printer technicians carry basic boot stock in their vehicles.

This ensures that technicians can respond to a new support/service call out quicker which means our turnaround time is much faster than before. The web based call logging system also provides our customers with information regarding their previous service calls as well as the status of their current support call out.

Cost effective and efficient office automation solutions through state-of-the-art hardware and software technology.

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